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3 Downspout Maintenance Essentials Before Winter

Keeping your property in tip-top shape before the winter season starts can be a bit challenging. The weather causes damage to your home, but there are a few things that you can do beforehand to avoid any major repairs. Downspout maintenance is an important thing to look into before the weather changes. Snow and ice can clog your downspouts and create drainage issues at your home or business. Having a professional company like Sonners Contracting Inc. perform periodic maintenance can help maintain your property in excellent condition.

Here are some downspout maintenance tips that can help ensure your drainage system is in perfect shape during winters.

1) Clean the Gutters

You should clean the gutters before the start of winter. Leaves and debris can cause a backup in your gutter system, which will then lead to overflowing water that could damage your property.

You should also check gutters for any cracks or holes, so they don’t become clogged with ice during the cold months ahead. Use a garden hose and spray in your downspouts to push the leaves away from them.

2) De-Ice the Downspouts 

This is an important step that you should follow when the winter sets in. To de-ice your downspouts, pour boiling water over them until all of the icicles are gone. You can pour the hot boiling water by either using a bucket or watering pot for this task, but make sure to follow safety protocols as there will most likely still be hot water inside it when you’re finished pouring out the ice. If they don’t come off quickly with just water alone, try using a hand scraper to help remove stubborn chunks of ice stuck between spouts and gutters. You may also consider purchasing roof heat cables if none of these methods do the trick.

3) Carry Out a Detailed Roof Inspection 

Once the icicles are removed from your roof, it is advisable to conduct a detailed inspection of the entire exterior area for any possible problems caused by heavy snow or ice.

You can hire a professional inspector for an in-depth assessment. Try looking around your home and surrounding property with a keen eye to find anything damaged, such as cracked windows, broken gutters, fallen tree limbs, etc. If all looks well after the inspection, there is no need to worry about downspout maintenance during this season unless professional contractors suggest replacing them entirely due to age/weathering damage.

A professional roofing contractor is better equipped to carry out a detailed inspection. Calling them will help you ensure that your roof is prepared for the winters in Castle Rock.

If you’re looking for more help for downspout maintenance, then Sonners Contracting Inc. is the right choice for you. With years of experience under our belt, we ensure that your roof is protected from all types of weather and snow damages. Our durable, simple, and affordable roofing solutions make your home a safer place to live.

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