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6 Things To Include On Your Post-Storm Damage Checklist

There are many post-storm damage checklist items to keep in mind, but the most important is keeping your family safe and securing your property. This checklist lists the most critical post-storm to-do’s that you need take care of after a storm. These can include checking for power outages, downed trees or wires on your property, damaged roofs or siding on your home, etc. You also need to make sure all members of your household are accounted for and report any damages to local authorities.

This post will go through some post-storm damage checklist steps you will want to follow after a storm has passed.

1) Look for Electrical Wires on the Ground Around Your Property

If you see electrical wires on the ground around your property, immediately mark it as a no-go zone and inform your family and neighbors of the situation. Call a professional right away to prevent injury or electrocution.

2) Inspect Your Roof Thoroughly

Inspect your roof thoroughly for damage. Look inside your house to see if anything may have come loose or broken through years of wear and tear. Suppose you find that there is significant damage. In that case, it is best to call a professional contractor as soon as possible to assess the situation before another storm hits and causes further problems.

3) Check Your Main Entry Door

Inspect your main entry door to see if it is damaged. If it is damaged, call a professional right away as this could indicate serious structural problems that need immediate attention so they can be fixed before water or other elements come into contact with them and cause further damage.

4) Inspect Your Exterior Pipes and Gutters

After the storm passes, make sure to inspect your exterior pipes and gutters. When examining these parts of your home, you mustn’t attempt to climb onto a roof yourself, as this may cause further damage or injury if the structure has been weakened by high winds or falling debris. If there are signs of wear, it is best to call a professional plumber immediately.

5) Examine Your Windows Thoroughly and Carefully

It is important to examine your windows thoroughly and carefully after a storm. Check for cracks, chips, or damage from flying debris as these could allow water into the home, leading to serious damage if not checked by a certified professional.

6) Inspect Your Exterior Walls for Damage

Inspect the exterior of your property. Make sure to check around the ground, windows and doors as these areas are most likely to have been weakened by high winds or other types of impact from debris. If you notice any signs of structural damage, call a professional right away to avoid further problems.

Storms can cause serious injuries as well as damage to your home. In order to keep your family and property safe, adhere closely to the checklist mentioned above. Our team at Sonners Contracting Inc., serving Parker for years, is here to help with roof installationroof repair and replacement, gutter installation, and gutter repair and replacement. Our experts are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have in the aftermath of a storm.

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