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5 Myths About Roofing Gutters – Installation & Maintenance

Did you know that having a well-installed and maintained roofing gutter system is one of your home’s most important weather protection aspects? Contrary to popular belief, roofing gutters don’t just serve as a way to direct rainwater away from your foundation.

They also play an integral role in preventing ice dams and other potential damage caused by extreme weather. But with all the myths out there about roofing gutters, it can be tough to know what’s true and what’s not.

Some of the most typical myths about roofing gutters – debunked by Sonners Contracting Inc.

Myth 1 – Roofing Gutters Are Just for Preventing Water Damage

While it’s true that roofing gutters play an important role in protecting your home from water damage, the truth is that they do much more than that. In fact, having a well-maintained gutter system is key to keeping your home safe and secure during extreme weather events like heavy rains, snowstorms, and hail. By directing rainwater away from the foundation and eaves of your house, you can prevent mold growth, wood rot, peeling paint, and other moisture-related damage caused by excess precipitation.

Myth 2 – Roofing Gutters Only Need to Be Cleaned Out Once a Year

In reality, having a well-designed gutter system means that there should be no need to clean them out every year. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should never clean your gutters. While the leaves and debris may be able to do their job of keeping water away from your house, they can also clog up the system over time if left unchecked. To prevent any leaks or damage due to overflowing water, it is important to make sure that you keep your gutters clear.

Myth 3 – Roofing Gutters Are Unnecessary

While many people believe that roofing gutters play only a minor role in protecting a home from outside elements like precipitation and heavy winds, the truth is that they actually play an essential part in keeping your home safe and secure during extreme weather events. Directing rainwater away from your home can help prevent soil erosion and water damage. Additionally, by preventing rainwater from pooling around your foundation, gutters also keep water away from the base of your structure, which helps prevent mold growth or foundation problems.

Myth 4 – Roofing Gutters Are Easy to Install and Maintain

While lodging a new roof may seem like an overwhelming project for many homeowners, installing new roofing gutters is actually fairly straightforward and simple. In fact, if you have basic DIY skills, you should be able to tackle this task independently without having to hire a professional contractor for assistance. To install your roofing gutter system, make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies.

Myth 5 – All Roofing Gutters Are the Same

There are actually various types of roofing gutters available on the market, so it’s important to scout the market for a suitable range for your home. Some of the most popular roofing gutters include K-style, half-round, and seamless. Each gutter has its own design benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to weigh all of your prospects before making a final decision.

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