Outside Sales Adjuster

Sonners Contracting Inc. is seeking sales professionals in the construction industry. This is a commission based, 1099 payout position. The candidates who are most successful in this position are self motivated, independent individuals with basic construction knowledge. We do offer basic training if necessary. While we prefer to leave the salesmanship up to the individual, we do not employ high pressure sales tactics. Qualified individuals must have their own vehicle capable of transporting at least a 16’ ladder.

Inquiries and resumes can be submitted at [email protected]

Contract Labor

Sonners Contracting inc. is seeking skilled, professional tradesmen for a variety of sub-contract labor positions.  We are a hands on company and we stay involved in every single project that we sell.  We maintain a standard of craftsmanship and quality control that we feel represents our brand.  We are looking for tradesmen who will do the same, and sub-contractors that share the same sense of pride.

Inquiries and resumes can be submitted at [email protected]