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Tell-Tale Signs For Sniffing Out A Roofing Scammer

So, your roof needs repairs? When hunting for a roofing professional, remember to take the time you need to do your research. Many property owners complain that roofers mislead them, trying to gain more business when they see an opportunity to exploit the homeowners. However, Sonners Contracting Inc., serving Castle Rock, CO, is known for its professionalism – we will never mislead you. Let us tell you about some tell-tale signs of roofing scams.

Be Wary of Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are roof repair salesmen that come calling in your neighborhood after a storm. They search for homes with damage or sometimes try every door, offering to make repairs. Then these scammers give you an enticing quote, and if you take the bait, they do shoddy work and leave! Quality professionals don’t need door-to-door tactics like this; instead, let them come directly or contact them yourself.

Bait and Switch Estimates are Not Safe

Roofing scams are prevalent; homeowners should be careful to avoid unprofessional contractors. They try and take advantage of you by giving you an extra-low bid without knowing the extent of the damages. They then add additional expenses for problems that may or may not exist until it’s too late. So here is how they do it. Contractors will often give you a significant price upfront, and when things go awry, you go back to them and find out that you have to spend more on the new repairs.

Exaggerated Damage Reports

Sometimes contractors will fraudulently make up problems or give inaccurate information to increase the price. This is a common tactic used against homeowners who are not knowledgeable about roofs.

They Try to ‘Sandbag’ You

According to roofing professionals, roofing companies that pressure you into signing the estimate and accepting the offer will often “sandbag” you by immediately starting work or ordering your shingles without your consent. They hope to catch homeowners off-guard and make them feel pressured to accept before changing their minds. Don’t fall for it!

Down Payments are the Biggest Tell

A down payment on a roof is not something you should accept without serious consideration. While it can be appropriate in rare cases for larger projects, don’t agree to any prepayments or deposits. Of course, unless the company has been verified by local authorities as legitimate and reputable with positive reviews online. Research before trusting someone who wants you to pay for the services they haven’t delivered. Be sure to consult your friends and neighbors – especially those who have dealt with roof repairs before.

Sonners Contracting Inc., in Castle Rock, CO, is a professional roofing company and we offer free estimates; give us a call today and get your roof repaired by the experts!