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Gutters Are Important, But What About Gutter Guard Systems?

Gutters are an excellent investment as they protect your home by directing rain away from it. However, if they’re clogged, they won’t work as well as they should. Furthermore, many debris might lead your gutters to deform or even detach from your roof altogether.

When deciding whether or not to install gutter guards, homeowners consider the cost of installation against the long-term benefits.

This post by Sonners Contracting Inc. looks at three benefits of gutter guard systems that are sure to convince you to get a gutter guard system installed in your house.

Why Are Gutter Guard Systems Important?

Here are four reasons why gutter guard systems are essential:

Pest Control Assistance

Pests dwelling in the gutter might cause harm to the house if there isn’t a barrier in place. Mosquitoes and other insects love clogged gutters because they provide perfect nesting habitat. Since mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, clogged gutters can be the ideal breeding ground for hundreds or thousands of baby mosquitoes, something you’d prefer to avoid.

Gutter guards are an essential first line of defense against a more significant pest problem because they create a barrier between rats, birds, and even snakes and the open gutter below. Gutter guards not only prevent clogged drains but also repel or prevent pests from establishing homes in your gutter system.

Water Damage Protection

Runoff and buildup from clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your home. Gutter guards can reduce the amount of debris that accumulates in your gutters, allowing water to flow where it should instead of causing roof or foundation damage.

Safety from Wildfires

One of the significant advantages of gutter guards for homes is that they can safeguard your home from the dangers of a wildfire — this is especially useful if you reside in a wildfire-prone location. According to the University of California, metal gutters and gutter guards are preferable in fire-prone areas. Metal gutter guards are not only less flammable than plastic counterparts, but they also prevent debris from seeping into the gutter and drying out.

In the case of a fire, dried leaves, twigs, and other waste can turn into kindling if not protected. This can be hazardous because the roof is the most vulnerable portion of a property during a wildfire. Installing mesh gutter guards or metal surface helmets is an upfront cost that is well worth it if it protects your home from fire.

Installing gutter guards is worth it for homeowners who want to prioritize their home’s safety, save time, and reduce the amount of gutter maintenance.

You can purchase them online or at a hardware store and install them yourself. However, while a do-it-yourself solution can save money, it’s easy to buy gutter guards that aren’t right for your home. If gutter guards are not correctly installed and secured, they might cause more harm than good. So, contact Sonners Contracting Inc., serving Centennial, AZ, to install, replace, or repair your gutter guards professionally. Get a free estimate.