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What Kind Of Damage Should I Expect From A Hailstorm?

Hailstorms are a common occurrence in many parts of North America and can do significant damage to roofs and gutters.

This blog post will address how hail storms can inflict damage on your property in Castle Rock, CO, and how Sonners Contracting Inc. can help protect your home from future hailstorms.

The Most Common Types of Roof Damage

As you can imagine, the most common form of property damage inflicted by hail is cracked and missing shingles. You can easily spot this because large chunks will be missing or wholly gone – depending on how much force was present during the storm.

Moreover, hailstones can lead to dents in metal roofs, and gutters can be bent or twisted out of shape. These issues will need tackling as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

As a result of such damage, you can expect your energy bills to be higher than average as your home loses insulation. Water can also more easily enter the property. If your homestead area is prone to hail, it’s essential to take steps to protect your home from future hailstorms.

How to Make Your Home More Resistant

While this might sound easier said than done, you can make your home more resistant to hail damage with the proper preparation.


One way to help protect your home from hail damage is by installing a roof underlayment. This layer of material goes between the roof deck and the shingles and helps prevent water and ice from building up.

Metal roofing

Another option to prevent damage and leakage is to install metal roofing. This is a good choice for homes in areas known to experience hail storms, as it can withstand significant damage without causing any leaks.

If you already have a metal roof, make sure to keep an eye on the gutters and downspouts. Metal roofs can create a lot of weight on these parts of the home, so it’s vital to have them inspected by a professional once every few years.

Roof Flashing

In addition, make sure that your roofing materials are correctly flashed around any chimneys or skylights. If water gets in behind these features and freezes during winter storms, you could be looking at significant damage.


Keep in mind that a hailstorm can also damage trees and other vegetation. Make sure to trim any branches close to your home, as they could fall on the roof during a storm and cause extensive damage. If you have any large trees close to your roof, you may want them removed altogether.

Gutter Solutions

Finally, ensure that your gutters are properly maintained and in good condition. A hailstorm can easily cause them to clog, which will lead to water damage to your home’s exterior.


Using these tips, you can prevent and protect your home against hail damage. If you already have damage, be sure to call a professional contractor like Sonners Contracting Inc. for assistance. We offer reliable and affordable services in Castle Rock, CO, to help homeowners in this situation.

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